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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogBeautiful And Generous WPC Wall Panels
HomeblogBeautiful And Generous WPC Wall Panels

Beautiful And Generous WPC Wall Panels


Wpc wall panel material is a natural fiber, wpc wall panels not only has a high degree of UV resistance and weather resistance, and easy processing. Highly resistant to moisture, non-decay and crack-free characteristics determine that it will be widely used outdoors. Our WPC is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to new materials and does not require special manufacturing technology. The main material of bamboo / wood powder with recycled plastic, can save a lot of natural wood, reducing white pollution while protecting the environment. With the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction policies and guidance, wpc wall materials by more and more people in hot pursuit.

Domestic wpc products in recent years

Wpc materials as the emerging environmental protection products in the United States and Europe as the representative of the world, get more and more attention and recognition of China’s wpc composite materials, although late start, but after nearly 10 years of rapid development , Not only in the number of rapid development, the world’s first, and the domestic wpc materials / products of the core technology has leapt to the world leading level, the annual export of up to more than 100 products and regions.

Family outdoor wall decoration

To promote green today, you still use wood products? The advent of wpc materials to help people a great solution to this problem. Wpc wall panels, with the same color and texture of wood, looks and looks almost ordinary wood. The benefits of using wpc wall panels is not only beautiful, more is its use, the traditional materials we need to keep the maintenance, not only a waste of our time and waste our money! So the choice of wpc wall panels is definitely a wise choice!

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15 11-2016