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HomeblogCorrosion-resistant PVC fence
HomeblogCorrosion-resistant PVC fence

Corrosion-resistant PVC fence


In recent years, with the rapid development of family outdoor construction, outdoor PVC rail fence products are increasingly high demand, in the past, our outdoor uniform iron railings because of its surface is not smooth, easy to corrosion, maintenance costs higher congenital defects and gradually The market out of wood, plastic as the main material of the second generation of fence products began to be widely used in outdoor fence project.

Corrosion-resistant PVC fence green new concept

Corrosion-resistant PVC fence is the use of spray-painted parapet for corrosion treatment, the method is wrapped in the surface of the welding sheet of plastic and plastic profile of the production process, the selection of high-quality PVC and a large number of special additives from vulcanization, PVC Fence factory with independent intellectual property rights of the unique formula and specialization of the production process, so that products and cast iron, wood, stone and other ordinary barrier compared with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high strength, no rust, beautiful and elegant, Long, maintenance-free, and many other advantages.

Corrosion-resistant PVC fence how to maintain in the rainy season

Corrosion-resistant PVC fence super-hardness steel pipe installation, the embedded pile column cut the difference link, no solder joints, anti-theft screw fixed overall explanation. Firmly will not break, not easy to damage, railings optional spacing, density, can not be drilled. In the rainy season to its special maintenance: before the arrival of the rainy season, green belt guardrail carried out maintenance work, can effectively avoid the pvc lawn railings due to rain erosion and rust problems, improve the neighborhood environmental outlook, enhance The green landscaping landscape.

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10 10-2016