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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogDurable outdoor bench
HomeblogDurable outdoor bench

Durable outdoor bench

Durable outdoor bench

Durable outdoor bench

Durable outdoor bench is a product for outdoor passers-by. The outdoor leisure chair is mainly used in public places such as parks, residential areas, large-scale playgrounds and shopping plazas. With the development of the times, durable outdoor bench has entered most residential areas and streets, Become a beautiful city landscape, for people to bring convenience, make the environment more harmonious.

Durable outdoor bench Material properties

The use of WPC composite materials, both wood and plastic dual characteristics, with high durability, wear resistance and dimensional stability. Wood-plastic composite materials for outdoor products such as decks, picnic tables, industrial flooring, etc., not only low maintenance costs and recyclable. Durable outdoor bench material in the installation and operation exactly the same as the solid wood can be nailed, can be bolted, sawing, and easy to paint and stain. WPC composite material is economical and cheaper than solid wood. And a wide range of raw materials, the basic use of waste, but also recyclable, non-toxic, is the ideal environmentally friendly materials.

Durable outdoor bench Manufacturer

Shanghai Seventrust Industry Co., Ltd is a company specializing in R & D and production of wood-plastic materials, our company’s products are many, such as WPC decking, PVC fence, boat decking, WPC fence, etc., if you want to know more production information , On the message board to leave your information, so that we can give you the details of the hair.

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03 10-2016