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HomeblogThe Ecological Wood Plastic Composite Material
HomeblogThe Ecological Wood Plastic Composite Material

The Ecological Wood Plastic Composite Material


As a new material of wood, after ten years of development, the ecological wood plastic composite material is gradually becoming a new industry. At the same time, wood plastic is a kind of interior decoration of new environmental protection materials. The product can replace the traditional Aluminum Alloy, plastic, wallpaper, traditional wood, tile lightweight, environmental protection.

The use of wood plastic and other wood compared with ordinary solid wood, the natural wood texture is the main feature. Compare with limitations of traditional wood, wood processing and production can be achieved in different style decoration, customers in the selection, can choose their favorite wood texture according to their own requirement. A variety of wood can give the interior space a better comfort.

The installation method is very simple. It’s why more and more people tend to wood plastic, because the wood plastic comfort, health, energy saving, durability, maintenance free, flame retardant, easy to install. When you enter into a large restaurant or hotel. You will see the wood plastic composite floor ,wall panel and ect .

Ecological wood plastic composite material not only water resistant ,but also anti-corrosive , make it become a kind of excellent performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion materials, such as: wood plastic decking, fences, beach, outdoor landscape, etc.; or it also alternative port, wharf and other use wooden components, can also be used to replace the wood production of packaging, pallets, warehouse pad, etc., use extremely extensive.

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28 12-2016