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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogHow To Buy High Quality WPC Wall Panels
HomeblogHow To Buy High Quality WPC Wall Panels

How To Buy High Quality WPC Wall Panels


Buy wpc wall panels tips:

Today, more and more people see the superior performance of wpc wall panels, ready to use it to decorate their homes. However, wpc wall panels is a new type of building materials, how to choose good quality wpc wall panels is a problem, choose wood-plastic wall panels have such a few tips.

1, focus on practical look at quality: for the product, good quality is the primary condition. Practical wpc wall panel products, the most basic requirements, if not practical, the decoration will lose its original meaning, wpc wall products ranging from market price, and there are many low-priced special products are made of waste materials, Thin, short life, buy products to pay more attention to quality, in addition to pay attention to whether the adoption of international quality certification.

2, concerned about the health to see environmental protection: health issues is more and more people are concerned about things, housing decoration is to pay attention to the quality of decoration materials, especially as formaldehyde, a class of toxic substances on human health have great harm . Wpc wall panels are 100% green environment-friendly materials.

3, ease of use to see service: to buy wpc wall panels to pay attention to pre-sale, sales, after-sales service. The third of seven materials services, the correct service in order to ensure the normal use of the product in the future. Many wpc wall panels of the short warranty, many dealers will shoddy, replaced by poor quality, thin material, serious damage to the interests of consumers. Therefore, consumers should choose those sales and service is good, good brand reputation, a long warranty of wood-plastic wall panels.

4, select the brand of wpc wall panels to see the details: the big factor to think, the details can not be ignored. Consumers in the choice of wood-plastic wall panels, often in the business of misleading only concerned about the motherboard part of the neglect of the internal material, which is equivalent to building the foundation and beams, The plate sinks even down. So large to plate, small pieces to the keel hanging, the purchase must be carefully observed, one can not be careless.

5, wpc wall panel Brand recommendation: Shanghai seven trust wood wall panel is China’s leading manufacturer of wpc, the product quality of materials and components have passed the national authority of the national building materials testing center on acoustic, thermal resistance, formaldehyde and other tests , And much better than the national standard. Formaldehyde-free products, non-polluting, but also has energy saving, ease of installation, that is, that is, that is installed to live, so that customers buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.

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16 11-2016