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HomeblogImpact Resistant PVC fence installed why shaking?
HomeblogImpact Resistant PVC fence installed why shaking?

Impact Resistant PVC fence installed why shaking?


In the home decoration, and some impact-resistant PVC fence will be installed after the hand shake, resulting in fence shaking the main reason is the bottom of the pvc guardrail column installed improper, with no fixed measures on the upper; most of the indoor stairs are in accordance with the user’s own The need to determine the style and location of the fence, it will occur to install the fence column is not necessarily the original part of the original column fence, not necessarily embedded parts, generally with bolts, and some even fixed with a fence rail connector, Small, bolt spacing is too large, even with screws, the column and the connection of such connections, it will appear less than shaking the stiffness.

The installation of impact-resistant PVC fence should note the following points:

(1) the installation of impact resistant PVC fence connector shall not be on the floor with wood bottles, wood screws with wooden floor connection fixed
(2) According to the principle of three points into a plane, the expansion joints of fixed connections can not be in the same line, and as far as possible to enhance the connection of large pieces of stability.
(3) strong combination of columns and connectors, tight no gap, the length of the lap does not affect the appearance of the quality of the case as long as possible
(4) column at the top of the armrest wall and the wall should be fixed in the construction of the guardrail attention to the above four aspects of the inspection and control, and its focus on the bottom of the column and the ground connection, after installation can hand test Method to check whether the shake, if not move, then basically meet the installation requirements.

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15 10-2016