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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogTourist attractions leisure WPC pergola
HomeblogTourist attractions leisure WPC pergola

Tourist attractions leisure WPC pergola

leisure WPC pergola

Tourist attractions leisure WPC pergola

Large to the park area, tourist attractions, small residential areas, walking trails, all kinds of different shapes of wood production leisure WPC pergola Can be seen everywhere, as environmentally friendly materials, plastic-wood material is the most commonly used of an outdoor building materials.

Leisure WPC pergola material

Outdoor leisure WPC pergola is basically the choice of wood-plastic materials, wood-plastic materials from the outset, it is widely used in outdoor leisure WPC pergola and other outdoor decoration and architectural pieces on the production of wood surface realistic wood texture, excellent Of the weathering performance, green and harmless environmental performance, etc., have made it the first choice for outdoor production skirt material, not only the long life, and plastic-wood surface itself excellent self-purification capacity, even in outdoor use for a long time, After the rain washed, still always bright and clean, and will not fade. Do not have to consider leisure WPC pergola late maintenance problems, but also greatly saves the production costs.

Leisure WPC pergola suppliers

Wood-plastic canopy and other outdoor wood-plastic decorative everywhere, outdoor applications everywhere, from production to the present is still as new, long-term decorate the city landscape. WPC decking, WPC fence, PVC fence, WPC wall panel and so on. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wood-plastic and research and development.

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22 11-2016