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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogMinimal Maintenance Wood Plastic Board
HomeblogMinimal Maintenance Wood Plastic Board

Minimal Maintenance Wood Plastic Board


In recent years, the increasing awareness of environmental protection and Global forest resources are drying up, the application of wood also put forward higher requirements. In this case, a natural wood and synthetic plastic composite material obtained through the new material – Minimal maintenance wood plastic board attract by the people’s attention.
One of the most important uses of wood-plastic material is to replace the application of solid wood in various fields, the most widely used in building products, wood-plastic composite materials are mainly used in outdoor and home decoration, wood plastic is the use of agricultural plant fiber And waste plastics, through scientific formula and advanced unique extrusion process processing, with high strength and hardness, corrosion-resistant, non-deformation, formaldehyde-free, is the real green energy saving and environmental protection products, and We can supply high-quality wpc product , focus on every detail of production, to ensure that wood plastic board is minimal maintenance and without painting.

In environmental protection, Minimal maintenance wood plastic board not only saves a lot of forest resources and waste, and itself does not have any harmful or dangerous chemicals, no preservatives, benzene and other harmful substances released on the environment and the human body does not cause any harm, And can be 100% recycling , secondary use of its own characteristics will not be drop.

Minimal maintenance wood plastic board can make you enjoy low carbon lifestyle , and wpc have better dimensional stability than wood, will not crack, warping .

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20 10-2016