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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogCloser to the natural WPC pergola
HomeblogCloser to the natural WPC pergola

Closer to the natural WPC pergola

natural WPC pergola

Now some schools or some enterprises, in order to shape their own image, will choose to build a small garden or a small natural WPC pergola. In the choice of materials, these companies will be careful planning, hoping to choose a price is not high, and can look very good material, then natural WPC pergola has become the first choice for these enterprises.

Natural WPC pergola production materials

It is made of environmentally friendly materials, it abandoned some of the traditional flower rack clumsy shortcomings, can make people feel approachable, but also close to watch some plants, the most important thing is this natural WPC pergola, able to Speed ??up the construction process, and the installation is relatively simple, just use the screws to be able to take out such a flower rack, so it has also been a lot of business.

Natural WPC pergola construction

Natural WPC pergola in the construction process, the construction workers may need to pay attention to many problems First of all, this is made of WPC material, so to consider natural WPC pergola thermal expansion and contraction that we understand the expansion coefficient, through the sophisticated The calculation can be truly installed, and each screw needs to accurately find their own position, the use of such materials to install relatively simple, but also not easy to deformation.

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30 11-2016