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HomeblogOutdoor Durable Composite Decking
HomeblogOutdoor Durable Composite Decking

Outdoor Durable Composite Decking


Outdoor durable composite decking has a traditional wood appearance, long life span and is UV stable. Natural wood has been used extensively for decking for decades, however within years, the surface becomes water logged, and often algae forms, making the traditional wood decking very slippery. Durable composite decking is an attractive alternative to using wood materials for commercial or garden decking, patios and outdoor environments.

Outdoor Durable Composite Decking Feature :

1, good appearance stability, the scale of durable outdoor composite decking shape does not crack, warp and deformation, non-wood knots and other shortcomings.
2, high production efficiency, the material has the properties of thermoplastics molding, molding cycle is short, less processing step to facilitate the implementation of applications.
3, good adjust function , can pass additives, can be polymerized resin, foam, curing, modified and other changes, which alter composite wood material density, strength and other characteristics, but also to reach anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements.
4, can be 100% recycle ,does not contain any harmful ingredients, protecting forest resources and ecological environment, the new century is a new environment-friendly materials.
5, the use of outdoor durable composite decking life, composite materials product both wood and plastic strengths. Resistant to corrosion, and does not breed bacteria, not easy to be moth-eaten, not long fungus, anti-aging, resistance to aging,acid and alkali, low water absorption , good flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, non-polluting, the use of outdoor environment can be used more than 20 years in the indoor environment can be longer years.

Shanghai Seven Trust is outdoor durable composite decking manufacturer, with cheapest price , have different color and size can be option and we build distributor in different countries .

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22 11-2016