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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeblogSafety outdoor WPC pavilion
HomeblogSafety outdoor WPC pavilion

Safety outdoor WPC pavilion

Safety outdoor WPC pavilion

Modern garden Safety outdoor WPC pavilion style more abstract, pavilion top into a disc, bacteria Tan or other abstract buildings, like the use of contrasting colors, decorative tastes more than practical value.

Safety outdoor WPC pavilion has the following advantages:

1, woody strong;
2, durable, impact resistance, wear resistance, high density;
3, anti – ultraviolet strong, color stability;
4, waterproof / tide, against termites;
5, construction production convenience;
6, no paint, maintenance-free;
7, low-carbon environmental protection, saving forest resources;

Safety outdoor WPC pavilion Independent and complete, divided into roof, pillar, platform 3 parts, from all sides, from all angles, it is independent and complete, exquisite and lightweight, it is suitable for the garden Requirements. Safety outdoor WPC pavilion not only highly ornamental, nice, while maintaining the solemn wood solemn, elegant Qingyi. Because the plastic-wood material is environmentally friendly materials, a lot of landscape engineering in the selection of materials are considered environmentally friendly materials, plastic wood as the boss of environmental protection materials, of course, is preferred.

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04 11-2016