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HomeblogWPC Wall Panel Than Tiles Good Reason?
HomeblogWPC Wall Panel Than Tiles Good Reason?

WPC Wall Panel Than Tiles Good Reason?

wpc wall panel than tiles good reason

As a widely used decorative material, tiles have been dating back thousands of years. In this long years of development and evolution, has a strong stable and strong decorative effect. But because there are some irreversible drawbacks, a lot of research and development of new materials are expected to replace the tiles of this building materials industry coffee. Shanghai seven trust production of wpc wall panels in this competition, come to the fore, explain the similarities and differences between wood and tile and wpc can replace the tiles of several reasons.

1. Raw materials, tiles from the sand, clay and other materials mixed firing, the material is more complex and heavy. wpc wall panels using plastic and wood processing, low prices do not cause environmental damage, in environmental protection occupy an advantage.

2. Effect, the tiles suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, giving visual effects than the cold, there is a strong sense of modernity. Wpc wall panels not only in the bathroom, kitchen tiles to achieve the purpose, but also wood texture and texture, the same can be used in the living room and bedroom.

3. Processing, the tiles need to go to coal for firing, will produce emissions and pollutants. Wpc wall panels using electric heating under high temperature extrusion production process, will not produce waste gas, waste water and residue in the workshop for mass production.

4. Health, the wpc wall panels do not like the same tile has a certain radiation, it will not add additional materials, in terms of human health is absolutely harmless, and logs can be comparable.

5. Installation, the tiles compared to wpc wall panels to be more trouble, not only to the formation of the wall, but also requires considerable experience of the workers master. The wpc wall panels only need to be flat at the keel, reducing the amount of skilled workers, it will save costs.

WPC wall panel purchase choice Shanghai seven trust

Whether from the environmental or economic point of view, wpc wall panels have been able to replace the traditional wood to become a modern exterior decoration materials. More and more users use wpc wall panels to decorate their own walls!

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16 12-2016