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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeDo you know how to clean the WPC floor?
HomeknowledgeDo you know how to clean the WPC floor?

Do you know how to clean the WPC floor?

clean the WPC floor

With the plastic floor is more and more people to accept and use, has gradually become an irreplaceable urban ecological decoration materials.However, know the person clean the WPC floor method is not much, and norms of conservation can make plastic floor Better use and maintain aesthetics.

Clean the WPC floor method

1, with soap, hot water and hard brush to remove dirt and residue. After the plastic-wood flooring is installed, in this way clean up dirt and debris.
2, clean the WPC floor Use a conventional floor cleaner or detergent that contains bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and detergents.
3, on the floor to melt ice and calcium chloride or stone salt, most home care products stores have, when the ice began to melt, rinse off.
4, with hot soapy water to remove ink stains, and then thoroughly cleaned.
5, clean the WPC floor with oxalic acid or phosphate-based cleaning products to remove the plastic floor of the dirt, rust stains. This will reduce smudges and may also clear them.

The above is the clean the WPC floor the most convenient conservation methods, hoping to help you! Plastic-wood products not only make the building more beautiful, but also can greatly reduce the damage to nature, the use of plastic wood products is to protect Nature, I hope you will be able to better environmental protection and energy saving concept of ecological transmission.

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18 11-2016