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HomeknowledgeHow to choose a deck railing
HomeknowledgeHow to choose a deck railing

How to choose a deck railing


Similar to a pergola, a veranda is an open-air, roofed area that may be partially enclosed by a railing. Often found on porches, verandas provide far more shade than pergolas. However, like pergolas, they allow in breezes. They also work well with climbing plants.

Though technically part of the railing system, balusters can add a decorative touch. These short pillars or columns line up to form a series that supports the railing on top. When you select your fence, carefully consider the design of the balusters. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – some exceedingly simple, others ornate and creative. Some balusters include collars (a decorative band of material) or centerpieces (ornate accessories that attach to balusters).

A post flair or skirt sits at the bottom of the post, providing a polished look by concealing the ground mount plates and bolts. Many railing systems include post flairs. They are available in different sizes and styles, some basic and some ornate.

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02 12-2016