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HomeknowledgeHow to choose wood – plastic railings
HomeknowledgeHow to choose wood – plastic railings

How to choose wood – plastic railings


We all know that wood-plastic railings more environmentally friendly, suitable for people to use, the following wood-plastic fence to explain to you the advantages of wood-plastic railings, we look at is not suitable for wood-plastic railings we use.

1, wood-plastic railings can be a renewable material, do not need to do any anti-corrosion treatment.
2, after the installation of wood-plastic railings do not require the latter part of the maintenance, long life, no deformation, no rupture, no corrosion and other characteristics.
3, wood-plastic railings good mechanical properties, can be widely used for carrying structural materials;
4, wood plastic railings low cost, can be recycled again.
5, wood-plastic railings strong impact resistance.

The most praiseworthy is that the wood professional paint and anti-corrosion paint coating. And surface chemical coating technology from the Italian high-end furniture brand technology, corrosion-resistant pest control products at the same time become a major tool beyond the other brands. Want to buy wood-plastic barrier, Shanghai Seven Trust Co., Ltd. is your best choice!

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23 11-2016