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HomeknowledgeHow to Measure for a Fence
HomeknowledgeHow to Measure for a Fence

How to Measure for a Fence


When purchasing and installing a fencing system, accurate measurements are the backbone of the entire operation. You might be lax when it comes to measuring wrapping paper, ingredients for a recipe, or even your height, but don’t make the mistake of slacking off when it comes to measuring the size of your new fence. Building past your land’s official boundary, misreading the length of the panels, or forgetting to account for an incline could be disastrous.

Before you begin measuring, mark your corner posts by placing a stake where the fence panels will meet at a 90-degree angle. Then, measure the perimeter of the area you wish to enclose in feet, using the stakes as a guideline. Be sure the tape measure is stretched tight, so that slack doesn’t affect the measurement. Divide the area’s perimeter by the length of the panels to figure out how many panels you will need. At this point, you may wish to place stakes where your line posts and end posts will be located. To do this, start at a corner, measure out the length of a panel, and place a stake.

Before you order your fence, consider laying out these plans and measurements on paper. Then, when you order your fencing system, review the measurements with the supplier to ensure that you’re ordering the correct amount of materials. In addition, if you have any questions about your measurements, the installation process, or the fencing materials, ask your supplier before you complete your purchase.

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28 12-2016