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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeInterpretation Of Formulation Of WPC Production
HomeknowledgeInterpretation Of Formulation Of WPC Production

Interpretation Of Formulation Of WPC Production


Wpc products than pure plastic or pure wood, etc., the cost is much lower, you can use to recycle abandoned plant fiber, wood processing waste wood powder and used recycled plastic, is conducive to the full use of the environment and resources, with The advantages of wood and plastic, low-density, low-cost, water-resistant, resistant to borers.

There are wood flour, wood flour, rice husk powder, wheat straw, peanut shells, sugar cane bagasse and so on. The resin used for Wpc has PVC, PE, PP, PE 70%, PVC 13 %, PP accounted for 17%.

First, the influence of wood flour moisture in the production of a variety of variables

Wood flour heating, the first evaporation of water, and then decomposition of lignin is easy to break down part of the further oxidation of cellulose decomposition, and finally lignin decomposition. When the modified plastics are filled with wood flour that is not dried or dried, the presence of the volatile matter in the wood powder and the low boiling point volatile matter in the wood powder cause the existence of a considerable amount of bubbles in the sample. The mechanical properties of the material are significantly affected; the same time, the appropriate heat treatment can also be avoided in the processing process of “burning” phenomenon, and to ensure smooth processing, product bright, normal color. Therefore, the wood powder must be dried before filling

Second, the choice of resin on the mechanical properties of products

The high filling of wood powder will affect the plasticizing property and processing fluidity of PVC. According to the melt flow rate (MFR) of the resin, MFR has certain influence on the properties of the composites. Under the same processing conditions, The higher the MFR of the resin, the better the overall infiltration of wood powder, the more uniform the distribution of wood powder, and the infiltration and distribution of wood powder affect the mechanical properties of the composite, especially the impact strength.

Thirdly, the influence of wood powder selection on the mechanical properties of the products

Wood floor is made by mechanical crushing, different particle size of wood powder in the crushing process of the force is different, so different particle size of the wood powder has a different surface roughness and aspect ratio, and wood itself ” Microbubble structure “suffered different degrees of damage. The larger the particle size of wood flour, the greater the surface roughness

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27 12-2016