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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeWPC Barrier Measures Which Have Crack
HomeknowledgeWPC Barrier Measures Which Have Crack

WPC Barrier Measures Which Have Crack


Wpc barrier measures which crack? How should we maintain the guardrail? Prevention in the first place, this is still necessary! Often encounter a crack situation, will affect the appearance and quality of wood plastic, a lot of friends are thinking about what kind of measures to solve this problem?

There are many reasons for Wpc barier rcracks. Generally can be divided into wood and plastic hardening before hardening after the two processes. Before hardening, the Wpc mortar is still in a plastic state, due to the density of the various components of the settlement occurred, the internal free water precipitation, causing settlement shrinkage cracks, which usually occur when the surface layer. However, in the dry grass on the production of wood-like surface layer, the water will soon be absorbed by the grassroots, causing a large Wpc material shrinkage will produce wide and deep cracks.

In order to avoid the collapse of Wpc barrier settlement, customers can take the following important measures: 1, Wpc material after the completion of the water has not yet appeared before, should prevent strong winds and sun exposure; 2, 4, the use of secondary wiping surface to reduce the surface contraction cracks; 5, to avoid the construction of high-temperature climate, to prevent the surface of the cement imitation wood evaporation and drying; 3, in the application of cement mortar, . In the hot weather, the hydration of cement accelerates, the internal heat of hydration is not easy to spread in time, resulting in temperature cracks, while evaporation due to water to accelerate the rapid drying of cement mortar shrinkage, easy to produce shrinkage cracks.

Wpc guardrail maintenance is very simple: unique Wpc material. Very easy to clean, long service life. To overcome the wood perishable, worm erosion, fade defects, the choice of high-quality materials, not afraid of the sun and rain, beautiful color and lasting, these characteristics set the stage for its long life. Wpc products is not only an ornament, but also a handicraft, with a certain collection value. Out of natural protection, resource conservation, Wpc barrier is the first choice of doing my part.

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28 12-2016