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Wpc Product Introduction

HomeknowledgeWpc Floor Can Be Done In The Outdoor Free Maintenance
HomeknowledgeWpc Floor Can Be Done In The Outdoor Free Maintenance

Wpc Floor Can Be Done In The Outdoor Free Maintenance

wpc floor can be done in the outdoor free maintenance

Wpc materials and wood products compared to the difference: Wpc materials than the loss of wood production of goods. Wpc material is dedicated to extrusion and extrusion of the profile. It can accord to our needs to create a variety of shapes of the mold, the customer needs to produce a variety of shapes and length profiles. The length of the wood is a certain (the length of the length of growth by the tree constraints), a variety of shapes to use carpentry things. To get a profile is to lose a lot of wood.

Wpc materials and wood in the same shape and volume circumstances, able to do timber, without affecting the strength of the case, the strength of wood for more than wood. Wpc materials are used in the form of hollow, saving a lot of information. The wood does not possess this advantage. Wpc appearance is not obliged to do the paint treatment, and the appearance of wood or paint water-based paint treatment. Outdoor flooring decoration choice WPC flooring is convenient and simple.

Wpc products for maintenance-free reasons:

Wpc can be protected in the outdoors, while the wood in the outdoors every three months or so have to be maintained maintained, so the Wpc material maintenance is far less than wood. Excellent physical properties, with thermoplastic, machinability, and wood the same secondary processing, can be sawed, planed, fixed with nails or screws; processing characteristics to facilitate the production of a variety of standards, scales, shapes, thickness of the finished product, And has a variety of colors and wood texture of the finished product. Internal combination of high strength, because the Wpc material containing polyester, has excellent elastic force. In addition, because containing wood fiber and resin curing, with hardwood compression, impact and other physical and mechanical functions, performance significantly better than ordinary wood. Appearance stability, Wpc products, the scale of the shape will not crack, crack, easy to warp deformation, no wood scarring, twill, stain, enzyme spots and other shortcomings. Wpc composite materials can be 100% recovery and reuse, biodegradable and does not contain any harmful ingredients to protect the forest resources and the ecological environment, is a new environmentally friendly materials. Wpc products in the normal use of the outdoor environment can be utilized more than 20 years.

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01 12-2016