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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion
Home未分类Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion

Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion

Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion

In the garden design, almost all Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion. Pavilion shape is small and exquisite, surrounded by open, ventilated, is for visitors to rest and view a garden building. Pavilion is characterized by open around, relatively small in the shape of the concentration, Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion installation, therefore, the pavilion often with the mountains, water, green combination of King. Wood-plastic pavilion better can play these roles.

Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion style

Pavilions in a variety of materials, the shape of the pavilion is more lively and free, the installation of the pavilion, the form is more diverse, including a variety of flat roof pavilion, umbrella pavilion, mushroom pavilion, and more consideration in the layout of the surrounding environment The use of functional in addition to meet the rest, viewing and point scene requirements, Antiseptic wood-plastic pavilion also adapted to other needs in the garden, in the construction of the pavilion construction materials should try to use local materials, even for processing, But also reduce investment, more local characteristics.

Wood-plastic products manufacturers

Our products include WPC decking, WPC fence, WPC wall panel and so on. Our products are exported to all over the world, and also get some good comments in the international community. We are also looking for agents all over the world. , If you are interested in new environmentally friendly materials, we look forward to working with you for your cooperation.

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