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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Install a durable outdoor fence
Home未分类Install a durable outdoor fence

Install a durable outdoor fence


In the installation of durable outdoor fence, taking into account the outdoor environment to be drained, cleaning and slight thermal expansion and cold contraction and other reasons, wood plastic profile installation, edge and edge, head and head must be left between the appropriate gap. Install the profile directly on the joist, and do not mount the profile directly on any solid surface such as concrete, roof or roof. When the profile is installed at an angle of 45 ° to the joist, reduce the joist spacing by at least 10 cm. In special use environments or under extraordinary loads, such as hot baths, shorter spacing may be required.

Installation of durable outdoor fence Introduction wood plastic installation gap:

1) As the plastic wood has a slight heat up cold shrink characteristics, but also consider the reasons for cleaning, the installation of plastic wood profiles, edge and edge; end and end must be left between the appropriate gap. This clearance is also closely related to the climatic temperature during construction.
2) When installing plastic wood, it is best to install the profile on the keel. According to the profile thickness keel spacing is usually between 40cm-50cm.
3) When the profile is installed with the keel between the inclination, or installed in the bath, please reduce the keel spacing of at least 10cm.

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03 11-2016