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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Long life WPC flower box
Home未分类Long life WPC flower box

Long life WPC flower box

Long life WPC flower box

Long life WPC flower box

With the development of the city, the road on both sides of the decoration began to slowly increase, before the use of wooden boxes are used to plant flowers, wooden outdoor flower box, but also easy to be water corrosion, very short life . Now there is a long life WPC flower box, it can be waterproof, anti-corrosion, is a wooden flower box life several times, and the maintenance rate is relatively low, is a very good new composite materials.

Long life WPC flower box advantages:

1, the processing performance is good;
2, can be made in accordance with the needs of any shape and size;
3, the strength of good performance;
4, excellent adjustment performance;
5, with water resistance, corrosion resistance, long life WPC flower box;
6, can be recycled, can also be broken down again, is a true sense of the green products;
7, anti – ultraviolet ability, good coloring;
8, wide source of raw materials.

WPC flower box manufacturer

If you would like to have such a long life WPC flower box, you can choose Shanghai Seventrust Industry Co., Ltd, our company also produces other wood-plastic products, such as WPC flooring, WPC wall panel, PVC fence, want to know more products For more information you can give us a message, we will promptly contact you.

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08 10-2016