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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Material Properties of WPC Flower Box
Home未分类Material Properties of WPC Flower Box

Material Properties of WPC Flower Box

Material Properties of WPC Flower Box

Material Properties of WPC Flower Box

WPC Flower Box is made of wood-plastic composite box, and has the same processing characteristics of wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilling, nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood. At the same time with wood wood and plastic water-resistant anti-corrosion properties, making WPC Flower Box become a very good performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion building materials.

WPC Flower Box advantages

(1) waterproof, moisture-proof. The fundamental solution to the wood products on the wet and watery environment, easily damp after absorbing moisture,WPC Flower Box expansion and deformation of the problem, can be used to the traditional wood products can not be used in the environment. In this case,
(2) high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. The product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for the European classification of environmental standards can be recycled greatly saves the use of wood for sustainable national policy for the benefit of the community.
(3) colorful, many colors to choose from. WPC Flower Box both has a natural wood texture and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the required color
(4) plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized style, fully embodies the personality style. In this case,
(5) WPC Flower Box pest control, termite, effectively eliminate insect harassment, extend the service life.

We can provide you with product samples free of charge, you only need to pay postage. If you are interested in our products, you can leave a message on our message board, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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30 09-2016