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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Movable WPC flower box
Home未分类Movable WPC flower box

Movable WPC flower box

Movable WPC flower box

Flower boxes as a new road and public facilities are increasingly being widely used. In our lives, often in the city road, square, park, district and so on to see different materials made of movable WPC flower box, these places are decorated very beautiful and full of art. Movable WPC flower box can not only play a role in beautifying the environment, but also easy to move, so that people can mix and match, flexible!

Movable WPC flower box material

WPC flower box is the name of this wood-plastic material to do Movable WPC flower box, wood-plastic product production and processing without any harmful ingredients, and can be recycled again, can be called a real sense of environmental protection, energy saving, resources Recycling of new products. Movable WPC flower box is one of the main uses of plastic-wood materials.

Movable WPC flower box Advantages

1. With the same processing performance of logs can be nailed, can be drilled, planing, can be sticky, smooth surface and delicate, without sanding and paint, the paint adhesion is good, can also be painted according to personal preferences.
2. Discard the natural defects of wood, such as cracking, warping, color, etc., Movable WPC flower box without regular maintenance.
3. Bending characteristics, suitable for all kinds of room with a particleboard and decorative materials.
4. With fire, water, corrosion resistance, moisture, not insects, not long fungus, acid and alkali, non-toxic, non-polluting and other fine performance. Which can be waterproof and corrosion-resistant wood plastic material use effect and life is much better than wood preservative.

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15 11-2016