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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Seven trust wood plastic composite decking
Home未分类Seven trust wood plastic composite decking

Seven trust wood plastic composite decking

Seven trust wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking is our company’s main products, our company specializing in the production of wood plastic composite decking and a variety of plastic wood profiles. Seven trust wood plastic composite decking High quality, rich colors, environmentally friendly recyclable, is your home decoration, landscaping the ideal choice. You are welcome to call seven real Shanghai Co., Ltd..

As a result of both plastic and wood plastic water-proof and wood texture of the two characteristics, making it a good performance and very durable outdoor building materials (flooring, fencing, chairs, gardens or waterfront landscape, etc.); also alternative port , Dock and other wood components used, seven trust wood plastic composite decking can also be used to replace the production of wood packaging, pallet, warehouse pad, etc. are numerous, very versatile.

Wood plastic material characteristics:

(1) waterproof, moisture-proof. The fundamental solution to the wet wood products and more water environment after absorbing moisture damp, swelling deformation problems, can be used to the traditional wood products can not be used in the environment.
(2) pest control, termite prevention, effectively eliminate insect harassment, to extend the service life.
(3) plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized style, fully embodies the personality style.
(4) high fire resistance. Can be effective flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, in case of fire self-extinguishing, do not produce any toxic gases.
(5) installation is simple, convenient construction, no complicated construction process, saving installation time and costs.

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20 12-2016