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Wpc Product Introduction

Home未分类Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion
Home未分类Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion

Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion

Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion

There are a lot of public facilities for pedestrians in the park. Among them, the pavilion is a big part of it. The waterproof wood-plastic pavilion can shelter the wind and rain for the pedestrians. The traditional wooden facilities are easy to be corroded by water, but the waterproof wood-plastic pavilion will not Corrosion by rain, and also to prevent borers, it is suitable for outdoor use.

Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion materials

Wood plastic as a new type of composite materials, its functionality covers the characteristics of wood and plastic, but also make up for the two shortcomings, the product is completely non-toxic, no harmful gas release, water, acid corrosion, Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion is in line with the requirements of the modern society in the true sense of the green products.

Waterproof wood-plastic pavilion manufacturers

Shanghai Seventrust Industry Co., Ltd is a production, design, research and development, sales, service integrated environment-friendly enterprises. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality outdoor wood-plastic products, covering the product range of plastic wood flooring, plastic wood railings, plastic fence, plastic wood corridors, plastic pavilions, plastic wood flower box, plastic wood leisure chairs, Wall panels, wood furniture, and other dozens of outdoor categories. If you are interested in wood-plastic products can leave your information, we will promptly contact you.

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13 10-2016